Queensland Premier Enjoys Looking Down On Everyone

The ‘Tower of Power’ now throbs over the Brisbane CBD,and Premier Asdfanisdfsdf Psdfjnsdf…. or something…couldn’t be more impressed.

“It’s so….big,” she said, blushing slightly, at a press conference held in her new office on the 500th floor. “You can’t help but be astounded by the height and girth.”

Pwersdfdfsa also pointed out the bipartisan effort that went into creating this great symbol of the Queensland Government’s power over it’s minions.

“We squandered all the money from the mining boom, build so many bridges nobody knows where the Brisbane River is anymore, and still we’re completely unaccountable for our actions. Thanks to Campbell Newman, I can now do anything and blame it on him. In fact, I forgot my wedding anniversary the other day and totally got away with it by saying I was distracted by Campbell’s decision to fire thousands of people in the middle of an economic downturn. You just can’t buy leverage like he gave us.” Paliscosdfraa then bowed deeply to a small shrine set up to Newman in the corner of her office, next to the life-size recreation of Michelangelo’s David.

When asked about her plans for the future, the Premier said she hopes to help the electorate by arguing more with the opposition leader…whose name she couldn’t remember. “Whoever he is, he stands against everything that Queenslanders need and want. I know he’s anti-bridge, anti-buildings, and anti-corruption. Well, I’ve got news for Mister…Man…I will keep arguing these core philosophies because that’s what this state needs right now – me making brilliant points about issues.”


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