Nazi Returns From Grave To Disown Trump

Berlin residents were surprised yesterday at the return of former Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. Slightly charred, and a bit ripe having died over 80 years ago, Goebbels addressed a gathering of right-wing extremists.
“I’ve taken time out from endless torments in the pits of hell, to address an injustice,” said Dr Goebbels, holding his shattered skull in place with a burnt hand. “The National Socialist Party has been compared to Donald Trump many times over the last few months, and it’s completely unfair. I mean, he keeps talking about how Mexico is going to build a wall because it owes America money because of a trade deficit – but that’s Mexican companies owing American companies, not the Mexican government. At least we knew how economics worked.”
One of them most hated men in history, Goebbels also expressed annoyance at direct comparisons between himself and Trump.
“It’s just not good for ‘brand Goebbels.’ Sure, I’m hated by billions of people having brought untold misery into the world, but at least I know how to answer a question, and don’t just keep repeating myself or use overarching statements that don’t mean anything.”
Goebbels then donned a blonde wig and imitated Trump.
“We are going to be tough on criminals. We need to fix the system, and we need to get bad people out of the country.”
The gathered skinheads laughed, impressed at Goebbels stand-up routine, with one yelling out, “He’s just like Jerry Seinfeld.” Then realising that probably wasn’t a compliment to the former Nazi leader.
Goebbels then returned to an eternity of punishment for his crimes against nature, but before being sucked into the vortex of pain and misery once more, he had one last piece of advice for the world.
“Think twice before voting for a megalomaniac with ambitions of world domination. I can’t think of any historical comparisons, but I’m sure it can only lead to bad things.”

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