Donald Trump Congratulates Leonardo DaVinci for Selling Painting

Donald Trump, President of the United States and art lover, has congratulated renaissance artist Leonardo DaVinci for selling his painting ‘Salvator Mundi’ for $450million.

“He’s doing great things,” said Trump. “We’re very proud of this man who continues to go above and beyond in his field; reminds me of that Frederick Douglass chap.”

Trump, not usually known for his taste in anything that is not dripping in gold, or 22 years old and wearing a bikini, insisted he is cultured.

“Nobody is more cultured than me. I love watching Fox and Friends and they sometimes talk about art. Also, I’m very good friends with every great artist in the world and they all say that I’m the greatest guy who loves the art things.”

When it was pointed out that DaVinci is dead and has been for hundreds of years, Trump was unphased.

“That’s what CNN wants you to believe.”


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