Mexico Responds To Trump’s Hardline

Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, has responded to Donald Trump's reassertion that the Mexico will be responsible for payment of a new border wall by presenting a counteroffer. "Donald Trump looks at the Mexican people as all racists do; by using narrow-minded stereotypes," he said, adjusting his sombrero and taking a sip of tequila. "But … Continue reading Mexico Responds To Trump’s Hardline

Trump To Stop Speaking To Reduce Misquotes

Donald Trump has announced he is tired of being misquoted in the media, and will no longer speak out loud. Instead, he will stare at people and they can imagine what he's saying and clap loudly. At what will be presumably his last press conference that needs a microphone, Trump said, "I am sick, and … Continue reading Trump To Stop Speaking To Reduce Misquotes